Video.js 4.8.0 released...Prost!

This isn’t the flashiest minor release ever, but it’s hot off the press and ready for use. As mentioned in the last (few) release posts, we’re making a concerted effort to be more consistent with releases, so hopefully the trend of bite-sized, scheduled releases will continue.


We only just released localization with version 4.7, but we’ve already had two pull-requests for new translations! The German translation is included with this release, and you’ll find the French translation in the next patch release. If you’re fluent in another language, you can help Video.js be even more internationally accessible by submitting a pull request translating just 24 words / phrases. </shameless_plug>

Video.js in the wild

Heavybit Industries has a speaker series they host at their office, and they’ve been kind enough to start posting these sessions online in their library. The experience they’ve built using Video.js is impressive, including syncing the video progress with a transcript below the player.

Heavybit Screenshot

New plugins

  • videojs-ass: Adds Advanced SubStation Alpha subtitles support.
  • videojs-hdtoggle: HD button which toggles between HD and non-HD source.

Full list of changes

  • @andekande added a German translation (view)
  • @mattosborn fixed a bug where getting the video element src would overwrite it (view)
  • @songpete fixed a bug where keyboard events were bubbling and causing additional actions (view)
  • @knabar made the inactivity timeout configurable (view)
  • @seniorflexdeveloper added language files to the distribution for including specific languages (view)
  • @gkatsev improved handling of null and NaN dimension values (view)
  • @gkatsev fixed an issue where the controls would break if Flash was initialized too quickly (view)
  • @mmcc fixed an issue where if no playback tech was supported the error could not be caught (view)